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Call us at: 215-362-5344, email us at: or fill out our Contact Form to schedule an appointment at no charge to meet in your home. We prefer that both parties connected with the project be present at our initial meeting so we can became acquainted and be in agreement on the important issues of your project.


Complementary Home Consultation
As a new client of ours, a representative from MasterCraft Kitchen & Bath will meet at your home and begin the process by discussing how you live now and how you wish to live in your renovated kitchen or bathroom. Inefficient work habits will be reviled, poor current layouts discussed and new ideas and solutions will be proposed. We will take time to fully understand how your space needs to function to serve your family’s needs. At this time, we will take measurements as well as discuss a budget for your remodeling project.


Project/Design Details
During our meeting, your wish list, design directions, and project requirements will be discussed, you will show us your file of magazine clippings of spaces you admire. We will bring literature as well. Together, we will develop your goals and expectations for your project. When designing a kitchen traffic flow rules. Cabinetry placement is a distant second to traffic flow. Designing appropriate traffic flow considers a family’s lifestyle, the number of people in the home, as well as the cooking and entertaining, and your dining area needs. Whether you are envisioning renovation of your kitchen or bathroom we will prepare a design for you and offer guidance where necessary and discuss pros and cons, combine ideas and choose a single solution, one which is perfect for your lifestyle.


The Budget
We will measure the space in question for cabinetry, countertops, and appliances, tile work, and architectural trim. We also will discuss fixtures, flooring, hardware and decorative detailing. Our range of renowned suppliers and products provides you with choices that meet a range of budgets, from high quality to premium. We will discuss costs and establish a general budget plan, later we will provide you with detailed work specifications, ensuring that you know exactly what you will get, and that we got it right.


Final Review and Cost

At this time, we will present to you our detailed proposal, including cost of cabinetry, and all materials; we also review all that is included in the cost, we will review the designs once again, in an effort to make our clients aware of where they are placing their resources. You will know exactly what your project will cost with up-front pricing that eliminates surprises as the project unfolds. Following this meeting, we sign our work specification contracts, deposits on orders will be placed, you receive your set of working designs, and we set an approximate date to begin the project.


Complete Project Management
If your priority is risk free – completion of a beautifully designed project that’s professionally managed and completed on time –
MasterCraft Kitchen & Bath is your best choice. Our team of remodeling professionals will handle your project from initial planning and design stage through production, construction, installation and completion. Knowing that every detail is being taken care of, while the risks of delays and other hidden concerns are being reduced and the project completion time is being met, That is an exceptional remodeling experience!



Experts of their Trade!
Would you let your car mechanic come to your house and replace your roof? – Of course not! But so many homeowners have let their plumber tile their bathroom - or vise versa. –
MasterCraft Kitchen & Bath only uses professionals in their fields for your remodeling project. We have a liscensed plumber to do plumbing - an electrician to do electrical - a carpenter to do carpentry - painters to paint - and a tile setter to tile. We don't cut corners like other remodeling companies and have the same remodeler do every aspect of the remodeling project. Instead, we have specialists do what they have been trained and specialize in - Therefore ensuring your Kitchen or Bathroom remodeling project is completed perfectly!

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